City tour


Löbau (about 30km away), like Zittau it belonged to the "Association of the Six Cities". The small town is situated at the foot of the Mt Löbau . 1854 the master baker Friedrich August Bretschneider had an iron tower erected. Today, this building is a magnet for visitors. Another architectural feature is the Schminke House, an early 1930s villa which was designed by the architect Hans Scharoun for the manufacturer couple Schminke.


The city of Görlitz upon Neisse (about 45km)has turned more and more into the “Mecca” of the film industry in recent years. Due to its unique architecture entire neighborhoods turn into locations for smaller and larger film productions. The Brewery, the zoo and theaters are recommended for a visit. Mt. Landeskrone, the local mountain of Görlitz is visible from distance and can be reached by either walking or with small train ride to complete the journey. On the way to Görlitz, we suggest a stop at the St. Marienthal monastery.


Bautzen (approx. 50km ), also known as the City of Towers - if you travel to our inn via the highway A4 you may have already seen its magnificent panorama. The Reichenturm, Lauenturm and the old water art tower invite you to be visited. The thousand-year old history of the city is reflected in the exquisite narrow streets, romantic courtyards and ornate facades.